Sanders Collection Bed Sheet Scam – J Sanders Rip-Off Cheap Bed Sheets Exposed

You probably ended up here because you thought that these “Sanders Collection” bedsheets were too good to be true. They are advertised as anything from 800 – 1500 thread count “Egyptian Cotton” bed sheets. Well you’ve come to the right place as I am going to explain how and why they get away with selling these bed sheets at such a low price. It Is A SCAM!

Sanders collection bed sheets are not really cotton! I was shopping at a discount store in town called “Chapter 11 furniture” looking for a cheap couch for my new apartment. While I was there, I was reminded by someone I work with about “amazing bed sheets” that they had for sale, some crazy story about 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets for only $20. Of course, if anyone is going to believe that they can get 1000 thread count egyptian cotton sheets for less than a few hundred dollars, it would have to be at one of these sleazy ”discount / liquidation / overstock merchandise” stores.

Yes, I BOUGHT THE SHEETS! I admit it, I opened the zipper and felt the sheets, and they are very soft to the touch, almost silky. It was then when I got home and took them out of the package that I saw how much I was scammed… Read on and I’ll explain everything.

What is thread count? By definition, thread count is:

The number of threads contained in one square inch of fabric

The higher the thread count, the higher quality the fabric. Of course this is relevant to other fabrics constructed from the same material. A 1000 thread count polyester fabric is not necessarily of higher quality than a 200 thread count cotton fabric.

Thread count also has absolutely nothing to do with how soft the fabric is or how soft your bed sheets will be, (however, cotton sheets with less than 200 thread count will start to feel like sand paper, there is little difference in softness in most cotton sheets above 350 thread count, it has more to do with the quality of the cotton). A higher thread count sheet is thicker, more durable, and will last longer. Most premium cotton bed sheets are in the 500-600 thread count range. These sheets are very thick and rugged, they are difficult to wrinkle, and they will last you a long time. Again, softness has more to do with the quality of the cotton than it does with the thread count.

Another thread count factor to take into consideration is the actual size of the thread itself. Thinner thread leads to higher thread counts. A sheet made with a thick cotton thread may be just as high quality and dense at a lower thread count as a similar sheet set made with a thin cotton thread with a higher thread count. However, it is almost impossible to find any legitimate cotton sheets above a 600 thread count where the marketing team isn’t just pulling your leg by using extremely fine threads of cotton.


Label on Sanders Collection Scam Bed Sheets

Label on Sanders Collection Scam Bed Sheets

Their label actually does not state what they are made of, just that they are made in china. When you open the package, there is no label that states the actual fabric that they use. There are a couple of options, based on physics… But it all boils down to the following. The only fibers that can be manufactured small enough to have this high of a thread count (often referred to as a microfiber) while still producing such a thin and flimsy sheet are nylon, kevlar, nomex, trogamide and or a conjugation of polyester and polyamide. In essence, these are

Synthetically Created Fibers Derived from Petro-Chemicals!

When you take the Sanders Collection sheets out of their package. You will notice that they are extremely thin, you can see right through them. Even a 300 thread count cotton sheet will have 2-3 times the density of these thin flimsy sheets.

They may be soft, but you are now spending 8+ hours a day sleeping on a petro-chemical cancer hazard… and they will fall apart probably within 1 year if you wash them regularly. You are being completely fooled into thinking you scored a super bargain, but if you think these are really premium sheets, well, just look at them.

How Does the Sanders Collection Get Away With This?

So you may be wondering how they can even get away with selling these sheets as Egyptian Cotton when they are clearly made of synthetic microfibers. The answer lies in the fine print on their front label that almost everyone will overlook. It reads:

[Sanders Collection Sheets] are made of high strength micro fiber yarns that will stay soft and wrinkle free for years to come with the soft touch as 820 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Yes, it says as soft as 820 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton. Key words here are “AS SOFT AS“… It might as well say as soft as a babies bottom because they are still not saying its made of a babies bottom just as they are not really saying that these sanders collection sheets are really made of cotton.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. I returned my sheets and bought some organic cotton Ralph Lauren bed sheets at TJ Maxx for only a bit more money. I hope you return your sanders collection sheets as well.

Did you buy these sheets too? Tell me your story!

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