All 4 Comfort Bedsheet Scam – All4Comfort Rip-Off Cheap Bedsheets Exposed

Many people have contacted me after purchasing All4Comfort / All 4 Comfort bed sheets, and telling me that they may be scamming people / or that they have been scammed. This company purchases JSanders (Sanders Collection / Jessica Sanders) bed sheets (which are a huge scam) and changes out the label for their own (One of my informants has been in touch with the company to confirm this).

Their label calls these sheets “1500 thread count Egyptian Home Collection” sheets. This company also sells these sheets through a variety of channels including fundraisers commonly run by churches, schools, etc.

It is not clearly labeled what these sheets are made of which can be deceptive. They are not silk, they are not cotton, they are made from a petrochemical derivative microfiber.

Traditional sheets made out of organic materials cannot conceivably reach this incredibly high 1500 thread count. The biggest reason is that organic thread compound threads are typically large and rugged, and it’s impossible to wave more than 500 of them per square inch, unless they are shrunk prior to weaving.


But that isn’t the point, thread count is not necessarily an indicator of quality. To know the quality of a sheet, you really need to take it out of the package and feel it. A high quality sheet is rugged, thick and soft. High quality sheets last a very long time and do not wrinkle, regardless of thread count. Some of the finest sheets available are only 400 thread count.

However, there are also a lot of cheaper microfiber sheets of much higher thread count, for the simple reason that the threads are physically smaller. This does not indicate strength, ruggedness, softness or quality. In fact, if you take these sheets out of the package, you will be able to see right through them.

When I received my JSanders sheets (which these All4Comfort sheets basically are), they were very thin and see through, and smelled funny when i ran them through the dryer. I promptly returned them to the store I bought them at, and purchased a set of cotton Ralph Lauren sheets at TJ Maxx for the same price.

Are All4Comfort Sheets A Scam?

So are these sheets a scam? The problem is that they are being sold by people that do not know anything about them. You can find them at fundraisers, grocery stores, flea markets, mall kiosks, etc. These people may be telling you they are cotton, or Egyptian cotton, simply because they do not know what exactly they are made of. If you have been told that these sheets are cotton, you have been scammed, as they certainly are not cotton.

Static Electricity and Microfiber

Have you ever noticed that most dusters are made of microfiber. All4Comfort bed sheets have many similar properties to dusters. They strongly attract dust and hair and may become strongly statically charged, especially after going in the dryer. Cotton may also be safer for your health than microfiber.

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