Bidify Scam and Bidsson Scam Working Together To Scam You

There is a new super scam in the works in the world of penny auctions. These two companies are working together to generate a ton of website traffic and penny auction customers. One website is called Bidify and the other is called Bidsson. Bidify is a penny auction affiliate system for Bidsson, and Bidsson is a  penny auction website.

Bidify Affiliate Scam Explained

Typically, an affiliate is someone who is paid for helping to make a sale. For example, has an affiliate system where you can link products back to, and get a cut of the sales that you generate through your affiliate links. Bidify’s affiliate system is very different. You are required to pay in order to be an affiliate – (which makes no sense at all).

As indicated by the bidify website:

To participate in the Bidify business opportunity you need to signup as a Bidify Affiliate.
Initial start-up cost is €100.- and there is a €25.- monthly administration fee which begins on month two.

This startup cost of over $100 and monthly fee of $25 gets you the following items:

  • + Full access to the Bidsson site as a customer
  • + Full access to the Bidify opportunity after completing the Compliance Course.
  • + Access to the personal Bidify Builder Marketing System.
  • + A personal replicated Bidify Website.
  • + Complete access to Bidify University.
  • + Option to qualify to earn bonuses according to the Bidify Bonus Plan.

NOTE: No commissions will be paid on the initial startup cost or on the monthly administration fee.

Essentially, for $25 / month + the $100 start up fee, you can start running your own penny auction scam with a duplicate of the Bidsson website. You are then paid commissions on all of the money brought in through your duplicate penny auction website. The question is, why do they make you pay for this? If you’re going to be generating money, and they are taking a majority of it anyways and only paying you a commission, shouldn’t they be satisfied with that?

The answer is no, Bidify doesn’t believe you will be able to make any money with this at all, you’ll be paying for their certifications, their support, and if you ever get it running and manage to actually get enough website traffic to convince people to buy, you’re still unlikely to generate a profit because most people will see through this scam. Bidify knows they will make more money with their setup and monthly fee than they will gambling on you being successful (ever notice that penny auction website companies don’t last that long?)


Bidsson Scam Explained

Bidsson is your typical penny auction scam, except you’re bidding in euros compared to the american dollar penny auctions I typically cover. You are required to pay for each bid that you place, and if someone bids right before the penny auction ends, the time is auto-extended to make the penny auction continue longer.

The inherent problem is this, you can potentially continue bidding forever because the auction may never end, and continue to be auto-extended for several days. Each bid may only increase the price by one penny, however, since each bid costs money, you can can still spend a significant amount of money just ATTEMPTING to win. If you do not win the auction, you have still spent all of that money on bids, with nothing to show for it if you lose.

Bidsson functions primarily by selling bids. For example, an ipad may sell for $4.00 – but people might spend $1,000 on bids just trying to win it. So the Bidsson penny auction website scam makes a ton of money off of all the bids people buy attempting to win things. Because several humans are bidding in the same auction on Bidsson, its possible that the auctions will continue for several days before a winner is declared. Because these are “global” auctions, when it’s time for you to go to bed, a new time zone might start bidding on the same action while you’re fast asleep.

The chances of winning any items and actually spending less in bids than you would have spent just going out and purchasing the item are EXTREMELY small. Please let me know in the comments what you think. I hope I have helped you save some money, frustration and time by avoiding Bidify and Bidsson.

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